Establish your AWS Well-Architected Cloud Foundation with ease, using infrastructure-as-code (IaC) and open-source technologies designed to help you build and scale fast!

Foundation as a Service

Starting your cloud journey requires a robust foundation. With a mission to simplify cloud management, Cloud Assembly introduces INFRALESS Foundation as a Service.

This service empowers customers to build a secure, highly available, cost-efficient, and scalable container platform. Leveraging years of cloud expertise, INFRALESS Foundation integrates well-architected principles, infrastructure-as-code, and open-source technologies tailored for AWS.

Who is the INFRALESS Foundation for?

There are three main reasons that DNX Foundation is a
perfect-fit solution for you.

Early Stage: “I don’t have an established AWS fleet, or it's experimental. I need a secure, growth-ready solution.”

Evolving: “I have an AWS setup but need better scalability and reliability.”

Scaling: “I have a landing zone but want to expand across business units or add new capabilities efficiently.”

INFRALESS - Foundation Benefits

Deploying your own infrastructure can be challenging. There are just so much to consider when evaluating how you will deploy, scale, secure, be cost-effective while keeping your all environment compliant with regulations such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, IRAP and others.

But when you choose INFRALESS you will save money and zillions of DevOps hours if you would build it yourself.

Dynamic Modular Design

A flexible, customizable open-source platform built specifically for AWS.

Highly scalable, secure,
and compliant

Build a reliable AWS platform that grows with your business demands.

Optimised and cost-effective

Utilize the most efficient cloud services to minimize operational costs.

Designed for high-availability

Leverage AWS’s global infrastructure for consistent, highly available services.

Security with real compatibility

Ensure compliance and security without added complexity.

Dedicated CI/CD, Optimised Deploys

Automate your pipeline for quicker deployments and a consistent environment.

INFRALESS Foundation Principles

#1 Ease implementation: We conduct a thorough audit to identify critical systems impacting your revenue, balancing performance, price, and availability without compromising security.

#2 Improved time management: Collaborating with your team, we ensure seamless integration of your application with AWS infrastructure, including operational procedures, runbooks, and an automated deployment strategy.

#3 Low-maintenance systems: We provide training, processes, and tools to maintain your AWS infrastructure, continually seeking opportunities to enhance efficiency and reduce costs in repetitive DevOps tasks.

Still have not sure if this is for you? Check our FAQ.

Results That Matter - INFRALESS Foundation Principles

We set our projects up for success and give our clients the predictability they expect, but often don’t receive.

Performance Gain

Increase in team performance by automating tedious infrastructure tasks.

Costs Reduction

Costs reduction with extended visibility and insights to optimise AWS spend.

Return on Investment

We tailor our solutions to a pricing model that provides to our clients clear forecast to attain their ROI.

Application Performance

Average of performance achieved with the right implementation of infrastructure and tools.

Results obtained from our last survey conducted across our clients.

We have delivered more than 75+ successful projects on AWS.

We strive for the best

Oervis But don’t just take our word for it.

CLOUD ASSEMBLY was instrumental in helping us revamp, secure and optimise our network topology. They were diligent in their research and went the extra mile to make sure the project was implemented in a timely and professional manner.


Rarely have I worked with a company with a team as skilled and thorough as CLOUD ASSEMBLY have. My AWS Infrastructure is safe, scalable, and fast. I would recommend them to anybody who needs to remodel their server infrastructure.

James Rector, CEO at TAN

our passion

Not just about getting done but we love what we do

Put this way, we simply love what we will do and we will always do whatever it takes to reach there.

“Working with AWS Assembly took us from being just
normal to be awesome...”

ceo Twitter

“We wanted to create a company that empower our clients with everything they need to drive innovation.”

Carlos santini, founder aws assembly