Results that matter and infrastructure that works

We help you run and scale your SaaS application on AWS .

Problems We Solve

We understand the challenges that arise when business growth and demands put pressure on your systems. Our aim is to ensure that your AWS infrastructure is adequately built and prepared, in order to minimise systemic breakdowns and in turn maximises your growth.

Performance at Scale

We build and deploy industry-tested and proven infrastructure code that ensures your application runs and performs at a high standard and scalability without compromising security.

Cost Optimization

Our infrastructure architecture enables efficient use of resources whilst our tools help eliminate waste and reduce costs, with the visibility and insights you need to optimise your AWS spend.

Security & Compliance

Scale and innovate, while we build a strong foundation that will help you maintain a secure and compliant environment meeting industry requirements such as CIS AWS benchmarks, PCI-DSS and IRAP.

Training & DevOps

We help increase your team technology adoption while automating your DevOps processes, making effective use of CI/CD tools and giving them more time to focus in developing amazing applications.

Results That Matter

Amazing Results For Amazing Clients. We invited you to check our recent implementations and how we helped our clients.

We improve the way you run and scale your infrastructure on AWS

Cloud Assembly team comprises of professional and dedicated architects, consultants and developers who specialise in a wide range of AWS services. As a result, the expertise of our team is unparalleled

Getting It done correctly - The first time

Our technology architects, engineers, and project managers have built and deployed complex solutions for clients across a myriad of platforms and industries.

Strategic Planning

Validated and templatised approaches to cloud excellence. From discovery and assessments to designing a model that works for your business, ASSEMBLY is here to make changes simple.


We work closely with your developers and in-house architects to help guide your team to successfully leverage the benefits of the cloud and ensure your environment runs efficiently and effectively.

We have delivered more than 75+ successful projects on AWS.

We strive for the best

Oervis But don’t just take our word for it.

CLOUD ASSEMBLY was instrumental in helping us revamp, secure and optimise our network topology. They were diligent in their research and went the extra mile to make sure the project was implemented in a timely and professional manner.


Rarely have I worked with a company with a team as skilled and thorough as CLOUD ASSEMBLY have. My AWS Infrastructure is safe, scalable, and fast. I would recommend them to anybody who needs to remodel their server infrastructure.

James Rector, CEO at TAN

A support ecosystem for success.

“We wanted to create a company that empower our clients with everything they need to drive innovation.”

Carlos santini, founder CLOUD assembly

Not just your regular
design agency

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Other Competencies

With more than 50 years of experience combined across a wide range of AWS Services.

AWS Migration

You have an existent infrastructure and want to migrate to AWS?  We got you covered.

AWS Architecture

Starting in the cloud? With battle-tested production ready architectures, let us help you to get it right.

AWS Disaster Recovery

Do you have a plan if things goes south? We prepare you for events you can’t forsee.

AWS Security

Performance, Price and Availability for your business without compromising Security.

AWS DevOps

Lacking in agility to get your application deployed? We get you up to speed.

AWS Costs Optimisation

Are you paying too much? Usually our clients saves in average 65% on their AWS bill.


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