Australia Zoo: Delivering content faster and securer than before

Results Highlight

  • Scalability & High Availability
  • Reduced Time to Market
  • Significant Security Improvements

Architecture Stack

Assembling the right systems and processes on an ecosystem to drive innovation and success on any project we take on.

AWS Fargate
AWS Aurora
AWS Route 53
AWS GuardDuty
AWS SecurityHub
AWS Control Tower


Australia Zoo, one of the most iconic organisations in Australia, embarked on a digital transformation journey, migrating from Digital Ocean to AWS to harness enhanced security, scalability, and performance. This move was guided by the principles of the AWS Well-Architected Framework, ensuring a robust foundation for future growth.

The Challenge

The zoo's previous infrastructure was fragmented and limited, impacting the ability to launch new content swiftly and maintain stability during peak demands.

The Process

Our journey towards modernization was characterized by careful planning and a phased execution strategy, designed to ensure minimal disruption. The AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) was instrumental in harmonizing stakeholder expectations and crafting a clear roadmap for transitioning to a robust, forward-thinking infrastructure. By leveraging the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK), we developed a new infrastructure that was not only compliant, secure and scalable but also cost-efficient, laying a solid foundation for high availability and future growth.


The migration strategy focused on leveraging AWS's scalable, secure, and highly available services, emphasizing:

  • Security Enhancements: Implementation of AWS WAF and network segmentation significantly reduced vulnerabilities.
  • Performance Improvements: Auto-scaling capabilities and a new staging environment accelerated content deployment.
  • Cost Analysis & Optimization: Though initial costs rose, strategic AWS resource allocation promised long-term savings.

The Results

Post-migration, Australia Zoo witnessed:

  • Scalability & High Availability: The infrastructure can now handle varying loads efficiently, ensuring constant access to digital resources.
  • Reduced Time to Market: Enhanced staging environments streamline the content update process.
  • Significant Security Improvements: An 80% reduction in DDOS attacks showcases the fortified security posture.

Future Roadmap

The focus remains on further cost reduction, security enhancements, and leveraging AWS innovations to support new projects, ensuring the zoo's infrastructure evolves in line with its growing digital needs.


Australia Zoo's AWS migration has not only addressed immediate infrastructure challenges but also positioned the organization for sustainable growth and innovation, illustrating the transformative power of AWS services and the Well-Architected Framework.